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We're going to a seafood restaurant tomorrow - I can't wait, seafood is my favourite kind of food. I've already looked at their menu and I think we'll be sharing a platter of lobster, oysters and assorted shellfish. I might have a starter too - their homemade fish soup looks incredibly tempting. I just hope it's not too salty as that's the reason why I can't buy store soup anymore.
Speaking of soup, I'm going to make courgette soup for tonight and have that with a couple of eggs. I find that planning my meals in advance makes a world of a difference for my stress during the day.

I'm spending a lot of time scheduling posts for my blog. Ideally, in the future, I'd like to have a week's worth of posts scheduled at all times. I'll have to work that into my schedule - some require more time than others.

I received some teas I'd ordered from Mariage Frères and Dammann Frères recently (both French tea companies). The bulk of it consisted of blind buys which I thought I could swap if they proved terrible (Dammann's Oolong Châtaigne is going to have to go) and I'm enjoying sampling them all. 


I'm so pleased I read Temeraire as the fandom for that seems to be bursting with activity and there's lots of potential for good fic. I tend to rotate my books as opposed to reading all the books in a series back to back but I'm almost tempted to read all of His Majesty's Dragon in August so I can go explore the fanworks out there.

I saw A Royal Affair recently, which was really beautiful and heartbreaking.  I'm still working my way through Poirot and Sailor Moon. I ditched The Worst Witch as the first season is really the best and I can't stand Sybil and all the wizards in the second one. I also gave up on Sabrina - it's really best to stick to the first three seasons, it's all downhill from there. I also stopped watching the two animes I was working my way through as they were becoming really repetitive. 

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