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I miss having new TV show episodes to watch. I really love Parenthood but right now it's the only show still airing which I seem to enjoy. I used to have a steady rotation of 3-4 shows to look forward to a week but I've been seriously deprived since we have no period dramas at the moment. Trying to find shows to enjoy. Perhaps I should resume Game of Thrones. Or Once Upon a Time. God, I don't want to. 
The only show I look forward to besides Parenthood is Masters of Sex (I'm predictable).



I'm just enjoying the last weekend before the beginning of term. I don't know what my life will look like this year. I feel excited and anxious about starting my first year of teaching (as you'd expect). I know everyone around me is expecting me to collapse after a few weeks but I know my only chance of ever making my dream come true is to be successful at teaching. No pressure.
I bought a lunch box, a few more work appropriate outfits and I did some serious decluttering so that I have less to carry once I decide to move out. 
I scheduled a ton of blog posts, my pantry's fully stocked, so is my freezer, it's time to start working!
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We're going to a seafood restaurant tomorrow - I can't wait, seafood is my favourite kind of food. I've already looked at their menu and I think we'll be sharing a platter of lobster, oysters and assorted shellfish. I might have a starter too - their homemade fish soup looks incredibly tempting. I just hope it's not too salty as that's the reason why I can't buy store soup anymore.
Speaking of soup, I'm going to make courgette soup for tonight and have that with a couple of eggs. I find that planning my meals in advance makes a world of a difference for my stress during the day.

I'm spending a lot of time scheduling posts for my blog. Ideally, in the future, I'd like to have a week's worth of posts scheduled at all times. I'll have to work that into my schedule - some require more time than others.

I received some teas I'd ordered from Mariage Frères and Dammann Frères recently (both French tea companies). The bulk of it consisted of blind buys which I thought I could swap if they proved terrible (Dammann's Oolong Châtaigne is going to have to go) and I'm enjoying sampling them all. 


I'm so pleased I read Temeraire as the fandom for that seems to be bursting with activity and there's lots of potential for good fic. I tend to rotate my books as opposed to reading all the books in a series back to back but I'm almost tempted to read all of His Majesty's Dragon in August so I can go explore the fanworks out there.

I saw A Royal Affair recently, which was really beautiful and heartbreaking.  I'm still working my way through Poirot and Sailor Moon. I ditched The Worst Witch as the first season is really the best and I can't stand Sybil and all the wizards in the second one. I also gave up on Sabrina - it's really best to stick to the first three seasons, it's all downhill from there. I also stopped watching the two animes I was working my way through as they were becoming really repetitive. 
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I've been absent from online (and IRL if I'm honest) social places for too long and I feel like it's time to reconnect. I must warn you I usually give up on my journals/blogs about a year in and I don't see this one being different but it may surprise me.

Need to get on with The Plan. Involves breaking up with boyfriend, moving out, completing internship year, saving up, applying for jobs in London and finally moving back. Not sure I'll manage in this lifetime but there's relief to be taken from the fact that I haven't given up trying and never will. Let's call this Operation 2011 Revisited.

Currently watching a lot of things - Poirot (rewatch), Maria Sama ga Miteru (an anime, unusual for me), Sailor Moon (rewatch), Parenthood (just done with all that's aired, can't wait to see the rest), Hyouka (another anime, just started), Friday Night Lights (not excellent but enjoyable) and Sabrina The Teenage Witch (rewatch). I may ditch Sabrina seeing as it's all downhill from Season 4, which I've just reached. I might replace it with The Worst Witch (rewatch).

Haven't read fanfiction in years but I'm currently rereading Harry Potter and I really feel the need to see some great fanworks. 

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