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I've been watching YouTube videos for many years and I've seen the beauty community especially grow from a niche of bad quality content to a phenomenon with quality rivaling big budget productions overnight. I used to subscribe to whatever I happened to stumble upon and the more I watch videos, the more I've learned to cull and select the best. This, in my opinion, is the best YouTube has to offer for beauty, fitness and food. Some major names are missing, not because I'm not aware of them but because I've stopped following them at some point for various reasons (turning into videos infomercials comes to mind as being one of them, lying to viewers, being subpar in their category compared to other channels, not offering me anything I didn't already know about, etc).




ToneItUp : I've been a Tone It Up member since April 2012 and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made regarding nutrition. This deserves its separate post and I will write it some day. Their channel is packed with free fun workouts and their website has a ton of printable routines. I printed them all and stuffed them into protective sheets to have them in a binder. They're colourful, fun to do and target all areas of the body. Their Beach Babe DVDs and their nutrition plan deserve their own post so I won't mention that. Their playlists are organised so that you can choose a workout for your thighs, abs, arms, booty or your whole body and follow special series (I really enjoyed the Bikini Series this year especially).


Livestrong Woman : It's a shame they only post sporadically as Livestrong Woman is a channel that has many contributors of value. I love the videos ToneItUp does with them of course, but I also love Tara Styles' yoga routines. I'm still at beginner level but I'm enjoying them tremendously. Again, check out their playlists.


FitnessBlender : These are raw workouts - no music, no fun intended, it's pure sweat. One of the pros is that you can just blast your own music if you need any but you need to find your own fun while doing the moves, which are very straightforward - no cute names, no sugar-coating it. That doesn't mean all their workouts are maximum intensity for the major draw of this channel is that they have a tonne of free low and high impact workouts, ranging from 1500-calorie blasting workouts to warms ups and everything in between and you can choose your workout depending on the equipment you own (a couple of dumbbells will get you very far and a lot of the exercises are body-driven and don't require a single piece of equipment). A tonne. I'd pay for FitnessBlender, frankly, but they give it all away for free. Just check out their playlists again. I find that I prefer FitnessBlender for cardio, but Tone It Up for strength training/toning. The couple behind Fitness Blender is also all kinds of awesome and encourages a healthy lifestyle. I also appreciate that they don't promote gender essentialism in sports - anyone can do anything regardless of gender. ToneItUp is also good with that and it's refreshing to see women lifting weights in videos.

Recommendations are extremely welcome as I'm always on the lookout for more.

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