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Beauty (makeup and skincare) YouTubers are really the bulk of my subscriptions. I started wearing makeup in 2010 when I was 21 years old and didn't even know there such a thing as foundation. I've come a long way since! I used to watch everyone and everything and mainly younger people but my tastes have evolved significantly. Makeup is my only creative outlet and it shows my personality as much as my clothes. To me, it's also strongly linked to glamour and sophistication, something I got from my obsession with old Hollywood. When I was discovering makeup, I was happy to test out as many drugstore products as possible but I've now reached a happy point when I'm way more interested in high end products - makeup is a whole experience for me and the one area of my life I'll glady fill with luxury. This is reflected here, of course - most of these YouTubers have a marked interest in higher end makeup. I should also warn that I strongly lean towards warm colours (pink needs to die) and I'm about NC10 so extremely fair and I tend to watch YouTubers with a skin similar to mine as it makes it easier to know how a product is going to show on my skin.



Lisa Eldridge - Lisa embodies sophistication. She's so lovely and knowledgeable, she really puts all other channels to shame. The very fact that as a famous makeup artist she's decided to not only set up a channel but upload entire tutorials, series of basics and general tips for free for the benefit of the masses speaks to her incredible generosity. I've learned so much from Lisa and she has a very heartwarming personality and a great approach to makeup. If you only subscribe to one channel, make it this one.


jemorjerrica - I think of Jess as my lipstick enabler. Her hauls and fav videos are some of my very favourites, she has impeccable tastes, a preference for corals and nudes (two of my preferred shades) and often talks about little-known high end gems, like the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited lipsticks nobody talks about.


redheadphd - Lauren has a great selection of videos and any new video from her really makes my day. However, I think she really shines when she talks about perfumes - she's way more knowledgeable than I and talks about it so passionately. She's also really good at mentioning niche makeup or just that one shade in an obscure collection from a little-talked-about brand that's amazing but that you may have missed. I really value her opinion.


Flowerbomb31 - I love Nathalie, she's enormous fun because she's extremely passionate about the products she talks about and I find that her videos are some of the most original out there - she doesn't do just hauls or tutorials but has a variety of choices ranging from top 10s to starter kits, celebrity makeup, etc. Her enthusiasm is really contagious. She features a little too much pink for my tastes but I can't really fault her.


MakeupMLC - Michele is a makeup artist so her tutorials are always worth watching. She has really excellent tastes in makeup and brushes and is often one of the first to feature a high end collection which is a huge help when you want to buy new products but aren't sure about how they perform. Her reviews are in-depth and I really trust her judgement. She's also my go-to for nude makeup.


debbick1 - I love her for the same reasons I love Michele which makes it sad for me because she doesn't upload as much. She always has a careful selection of products and basically does the culling job for you. It's like having a beauty editor at your fingertips.


kristingehm - Aw, I love Kristin, she makes me smile :) Again, I really trust her judgement. You can't help but love her warm sunshine personality. She features a mixture of drugstore and higher end and I love that you can always expect a video from her on Tuesdays. She's really awesome to watch and would be one the people I'd miss the most if she decided to stop making videos. 


blushingpixie - Martha is so incredibly gorgeous and I absolutely love her voice. She's also one of the few people I'd watch regardless of whether or not her shade picks suit me. I trust her to point me in the direction of good products and then I'll adjust the shade according to my skintone. She's very honest and I know she won't have any problem saying a higher end product really doesn't work. 


makeupTIA - Again, Ashley has a careful selection of products and a very professional presentation. Her skintone is identical to mine (extremely fair, oily and acne-prone) so I can really go buy her recommendations (at least those that aren't pink ;) ) without thinking twice. She's really beautiful and I just love what little snippets we get of her home decor and fashion style (random, I know).


amodelrecommends - Ruth!! God I would miss her so much too if anything were to happen. She's so good with skincare and lifestyle (I would love more cooking videos from her). Her Christmas guides are amazing and she's a rose fanatic like me. She has a unique perspective on the beauty industry due to her job (she really is a model) and she's just knowledgeable about all sorts of things. I can't talk about her without mentioning her cat Mr Bear who's absolutely stunning and here's proof


Lips So Facto - I don't know if Meg intends to upload more often in the future or whether she's good with that schedule or even if she's thinking of just focusing on her blog (which is also really good and not just a companion to her videos) but her videos are always of quality, especially regarding skincare. Her skincare posts involve a lot of research and are well-thought out and if you read Caroline Hirons (my very favourite skincare person, who's to skincare what Lisa Eldridge is to makeup) and Meg you're pretty much covered when it comes to that.

Do you have any favourite beauty YouTubers? Please share if you do, I'd love to find out about them.

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