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I've been absent from online (and IRL if I'm honest) social places for too long and I feel like it's time to reconnect. I must warn you I usually give up on my journals/blogs about a year in and I don't see this one being different but it may surprise me.

Need to get on with The Plan. Involves breaking up with boyfriend, moving out, completing internship year, saving up, applying for jobs in London and finally moving back. Not sure I'll manage in this lifetime but there's relief to be taken from the fact that I haven't given up trying and never will. Let's call this Operation 2011 Revisited.

Currently watching a lot of things - Poirot (rewatch), Maria Sama ga Miteru (an anime, unusual for me), Sailor Moon (rewatch), Parenthood (just done with all that's aired, can't wait to see the rest), Hyouka (another anime, just started), Friday Night Lights (not excellent but enjoyable) and Sabrina The Teenage Witch (rewatch). I may ditch Sabrina seeing as it's all downhill from Season 4, which I've just reached. I might replace it with The Worst Witch (rewatch).

Haven't read fanfiction in years but I'm currently rereading Harry Potter and I really feel the need to see some great fanworks. 

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