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I miss having new TV show episodes to watch. I really love Parenthood but right now it's the only show still airing which I seem to enjoy. I used to have a steady rotation of 3-4 shows to look forward to a week but I've been seriously deprived since we have no period dramas at the moment. Trying to find shows to enjoy. Perhaps I should resume Game of Thrones. Or Once Upon a Time. God, I don't want to. 
The only show I look forward to besides Parenthood is Masters of Sex (I'm predictable).



I'm just enjoying the last weekend before the beginning of term. I don't know what my life will look like this year. I feel excited and anxious about starting my first year of teaching (as you'd expect). I know everyone around me is expecting me to collapse after a few weeks but I know my only chance of ever making my dream come true is to be successful at teaching. No pressure.
I bought a lunch box, a few more work appropriate outfits and I did some serious decluttering so that I have less to carry once I decide to move out. 
I scheduled a ton of blog posts, my pantry's fully stocked, so is my freezer, it's time to start working!

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