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I watch videos about food for two main reasons: inspiration and actual cooking. In the future, I plan on posting a month-long food journal to have a record of what my eating habits are like on average. Most of my meals don't require a recipe and I usually have a salad for lunch and a plate of vegetables with some protein for dinner. Mornings and snacks change frequently and I'm always looking for ideas. I believe in having a nutrient-dense diet, i.e. packing as many nutrients per calorie as possible but I'll watch absolutely all kinds of recipes and this is reflected here.




Danispies : I like Dani's health-conscious approach to food which is in tune with my own. Her recipes are colourful, filling and nutritious but I almost prefer her 101 videos which always inspire me to try a new way of cooking a favourite piece of food. She's also great for general inspiration as her recipes are very simple and use a lot of fresh ingredients which you can easily swap for your favourites.


Laura in the Kitchen : Laura has an awesome, extroverted personality and her enthusiasm for food is really contagious. She's great as background noise and I absolutely love marathoning whole playlists of her videos. Her strength isn't in nutrition or originality but rather in classic, homey, comfort dishes made extremely well and looking so mouth-watering I find her impossible to watch past a certain time or I'll rummage the hole contents of the fridge. She's powerful. She's sassy. She'll make you want to make something from scratch. She will make you crave pasta.


Entertaining with Beth : Beth has the most professional videos I've ever seen on YouTube. The editing alone will blow you away. She really shines when she creates recipes for when you're having people over and want to show off a bit - her dishes are absolutely beautiful to look at. My very favourite videos of hers are her longer ones which show you how to prepare an entire party - this playlist is here on Kin Community (also an awesome channel, which is a bit of food and lifestyle combined, Beth is just my favourite contributor), she'll show you everything from the preparation of every dish to how you can organise yourself the day before and the day of the party. I really like her more personal videos too, like this one she did about her garden. Beth is easily the person I'd nominate for the 'Deserves Way More Subscribers' category. With quality like that, who needs TV?

Please comment below if you'd like to recommend cooking/food-related channels you love to me. I absolutely love these videos and I'm always looking for more!
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